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the update you should have known was coming [29 Jun 2009|08:22am]
[ mood | thankful ]

So we left our house 2 and a half hours before the concert started even though the venue was 5 minutes away. We were hoping to wait outside her bus and possibly get to meet her. But when we drove by they had the buses blocked off and there was something blocking the entrance of the buses so we couldn't even see when they went in or out. So instead we parked and walked a few blocks down to Legends for dinner.
We made it back to the arena about 20 minutes before the concert started. We got our tickets from will call and then went and found our seats. We THOUGHT we had front row center, and we did. But apparently front row isn't exactly front row. They had about 5 rows on either part of the stage that came out surrounding it called "stage seats" and then there was one row in front of us that was part of the stage seats. So we were angry that we weren't even able to reach the stage due to the row in front. Well then these girls who were just like us decided they didn't care and hopped the row in front of us (because none of those people were sitting down anyway) and ran around to the side of the stage. So my mom looked at me and my sister and told us to "GO!" haha. So we jumped the row and ran straight up to the front of the stage right in the center.
We were waiting for the concert to start and then the lights go down and a video starts playing where it has Taylor Swift talking and telling people what "Fearless" is. And there were other celebrities in there too, like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Lucas Til, and other country stars telling what they think fearless is. Then Taylor comes out and sings "You Belong With Me." She sang "Fearless", "White Horse", and "Teardrops On My Guitar" before going back and changing into a red sparkly dress. Then she came back out and sat on a chair and started singing "Forever and Always". I was kind of proud of her that she didn't say anything about Joe Jonas before or after that song. But while she was introducing White Horse she did say "And sometimes, the villian isn't so noticeable, he isn't wearing a black cape. Sometimes he's really funny, and has great hair." and she paused kind of smirking at the crowd. And at the end of that song she was kneeling on the ground and she started singing "Back up, baby back up." over and over again. I have a video of that part. She sang "You're Not Sorry" actually with a little mix of "What Goes Around" mixed in it was really good. And she came right up to the front and sang "Tim McGraw" before closing the show with "Picture To Burn". She told everyone thank you. Said she loves us numerous times, and paused at the crowd in awe several times. She's so cute. And then she skipped off stage ha. Oh and at one point she grabbed a little girl who was like 6 or 7's hand and took one of the bracelets off of her own hand and slipped it on the little girl's arm. The little girl grinned the rest of Taylor's set. It was so adorable.
So then we're waiting for Keith Urban to start and my mom brings my sister and I a sprite because we were so hot by this point. And a security guard came around and he was standing in the row we were SUPPOSED to be in. And he leans forward and starts going "Do all of you have tickets to be up there?" And he actually sent a few people back to their actual row. But me and my sister kind of stayed faced toward the stage and ignored him and then he finally left haha.
So finally Keith Urban comes out and he opened with "Days Go By" and honestly he played so many songs I don't even remember every song. He talked with his cute Australian accent and was a foot away from me multiple times. Then he started walking in the crowd back to another little stage at the back. From that spot he sang "Only You Can Love Me This Way" which he was actually shooting a music video for at that concert. So he sang it twice. And in between a lady came up and touched up his makeup and he goes "I feel so stupid right now." it was cute. So then he starts going back up to the stage walking with a security guard in front of him. And on the big screen they have the camera on him and you can see people touching his hair and smacking his butt as he passed. Then all of the sudden some lady like JUMPS on his back and by the time they got her off his shirt was all the way unbuttoned and coming off ha. My favorite part of the show with him was when he sat right in front of us on a little stool and sang "Raining On Sunday" which immediately after that song he looked at my sister and handed her his guitar pick. She was so happy cause that was her favorite song. And he also sang "You'll Think of Me." Which I got a video of. And by the end he got so into that song, it was completely amazing. Then he said goodnight and walked off. But of course everyone cheers and he comes back for an encore. Where he sings "Tonight I Wanna Cry" which I recorded on my phone for Rhi and now I have to figure out how to get it on my computer. And finally he sang "Better Life" before the confetti went off and the end of the show. They did a Michael Jackson tribute where a few of his guitarists sang a few songs. They sang "I'll Be There" "The Way You Make Me Feel", and "Man in the Mirror" The guitarist who sang "I'll Be There" played guitar with Keith at the front of the stage and sang with him and he was looking at me and grinning at me the whole time and when the song was over he handed me his guitar pick.
So overall, that was the best concert I've ever been to, and probably will ever go to. Most amazing seats, and experience ever.
I'll put some of my favorite pictures and videos here under a cut ha.

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locked [07 Aug 2008|08:42pm]
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